One Love One Plant

A new report released by the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) shows that the number of people living with or beyond cancer in this country continues to grow, to over 1.5 million people. The One Plant North Bay team felt it was imperative to support raising funds and awareness for Breast Cancer Month. With a staff member living and healing from a breast cancer diagnosis, this cause is near and dear to the One Plant North Bay team.

The management team at One Plant North Bay.

Throughout October, through in-store campaigning, information sharing, and fun activations, One Plant North Bay was able to raise $2257.00 which was matched for a total of $4515.00 and donated to the Breast Cancer Society.

Games and prizes inside the One Plant North Bay store.

"I just feel that giving back and lending a helping hand when we can is the right thing to do. I was born and raised in North Bay and it's been my home forever. The people here are so kind and compassionate. As a team, we thought about how could we bring a little hope around the topic and make donating fun for those visiting our store. As dedicated community members, we are doing everything we can to be productive members and give back to strengthen this great place. We hope the people of North Bay know that we are a local retailer they can count on," said Manager, Cassandra West.

"Donating got a little more fun in-store playing One Plant Plinko and always winning a ‘19+’ prize. Spending the month listening to many inspiring and emotional stories, we truly saw how compassionate and kind the people of North Bay are. One of our own was diagnosed earlier this year and is still on the road to recovery. We wanted to show our support to her and every other fierce person fighting this fight. We are so proud to be a part of this community and look forward to helping where we can."