Just Launched: Killa Kush by OP

Introducing the first brand under our new, very own white label, OP.

Killa Kush is a premium cannabis brand known for its seductive taste and high-potency ingredients. Made from the HIGHly favoured cultivar, LA Kush Cake, Killa Kush is the hybrid you didn’t know you needed.

LA Kush Cake is an indica-dominant strain and a cross between Wedding Cake and Kush Mints, with limonene as the top terpene. Killa Kush is great for relaxing while enjoying subtle notes of vanilla and feelings of arousal. 

Product Profiles:

3.5g Killa Kush Flower

  • 33.8% THC
  • 0.06% CBD
  • 2.57% Terps

3x0.5g Killa Kush Pre Rolls

  • 31.1% THC
  • 0.06% CBD
  • 2.57% Terps

Killa Kush is the first of many premium brands to be launched under our own white label, OP. Stay tuned for the launch of more new dope products coming early 2023.