Weed Me: It Has To Be Great

Have you ever smoked a joint that smoked so smoothly you wondered about the genius who grew that beautiful bud? Wonder no further friends.

We went and visited our friends at Weed Me to interview the Master Grower, Sheldon Wong, and co-founder and CEO, Terry Kulaga. In the belief that cannabis brings people closer together, we were able to ask Sheldon and Terry a series of questions that shed light on not only the greatness of Weed Me as a business, but on each of their own personal cannabis journeys as well.

Sheldon Wong - Master Grower

Sheldon, 28 years old, says that his love for cannabis started pre-legalization, during his early adolescence. Sheldon shared with us the story of how he began to grow.

“One day after school, I came back to my mom’s house with a plant and just started taking care of it. I tried to hide it since my mom isn’t a big fan of weed but she ended up finding it and got really upset,”.

Despite his mother not being keen on having cannabis in the house, Sheldon was adamant on pursuing growing as a skill and knew from then, “this is what I wanted to do”, he tells us.

With many years helping others with their grows in the black market, Wong made the effort to come to the legal side and found himself as a cultivation tech at Weed Me in July of 2018. From there, he made his way up through positions in harvest and irrigation, and has now held the position of Master Grower for just over 3 years. Sheldon describes his journey in the cannabis industry to be very gratifying, as growing is his passion. 

“If cannabis were somehow to become illegal again, I think I’d become a farmer,” he tells us. “There is something so cool about seeing a seed blossom into a fruitful plant”.

Sheldon Wong, Master Grower at Weed Me

In typical stoner fashion, we had to get to know Weed Me’s Master Grower on a sesh-level.

Sheldon’s Fave Strain: Ice Cream Cake

“It’s a heavy hitting indica with a gassy flavour”

Sheldon’s Go-To Munchies: Fresh baked bread and butter

Sheldon’s Fave High Time Activity: Fishing

Of course we had to ask Wong what advice he’d give to those who are learning to grow their own plants. Sheldon believes that anyone can grow weed. 

Sheldon’s time spent at Weed Me consists of a lot of research and testing. He explains that in order to give customers the best product possible, Weed Me takes the time to prove their strains. Wong spends much of his days analyzing how different growing parameters such as temperature, humidity, peak potency, and yield affects their plants’ viability.

He suggests that new growers do the same and to keep track of their plant’s data as they experiment with what works best for that cultivar.

“You can read about it all you want but you learn the most by actually getting your hands dirty and doing it,” he says.

Terry Kulaga - Co-founder and CEO

Terry Kulaga, CEO and co-founder of Weed Me

Terry Kulaga, CEO and co-founder of Weed Me, shared his sesh preferences with us and here is what we learned:

Terry’s Fave Strain: Lemon Z

“Great uplifting sativa with no burnout”

Terry’s Go-To Munchies: Apples and oranges

Terry’s Fave High Time Activity: Sports - trail or road biking, windsurfing

“Doing sports high makes it all the more fun”

Upon interviewing Terry, not only did we learn that he is a healthy-snacks sativa-junky but we also got to learn a lot more about the house of brands that is Weed Me. From Weed Me Grind to Weed Me Limited Batch, to affiliate brands such as Rosin Heads, Burb, and Karma Cup, it is evident that Weed Me has a reputation to empower remarkable people and help get their products to market.

What we found extremely interesting is that Thumbs Up, another incredible Weed Me brand, is centred around being environmentally conscious. Terry informed us that for every 7 grams of Thumbs Up sold 1 tree is planted. Even down to their bio-compostable pre-roll packaging, Thumbs Up is on par with their slogan, Feel Good and Save the Planet.

Thumbs Up - Pink Cookies x Kush Mints - 14g is on Plant Perks promotion this July. Be sure to check it out and do your part in saving the planet ;)

Lastly, we asked Terry what he’d tell those struggling with the stigma associated with cannabis use.

Terry encourages all those who carry the stigma to question where exactly it comes from and revisit what cannabis does for our society. From the tremendous contribution to tax dollars to providing employment opportunities, Terry says, “the idea of cannabis as the gateway drug and ruining people’s lives does not fit the bill,”. Kulaga believes that cannabis is an extraordinary plant in itself, as it has become an amazing alternative to pharmaceuticals for those who self-medicate.

Weed Me’s slogan, It Has To Be Great, is most definitely not specific to the product alone. Everything about their organization - the facility, the people, how they work together with retail stores and cultivators - embodies this greatness. Be sure to check out their products this month at oneplant.ca.