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NOW OPEN: Avenue Road

We've opened another One Plant Superstore to better serve our customers. Located at 1703 Avenue Road, our second Toronto location marks our 31st store opening. 

Why we love it here? Here are our top 5 reasons:

1. Maker Pizza

A Pepperoni Pizza
Courtesy Maker Pizza

If you're from Toronto, you've probably heard of Maker Pizza (or as the locals call it, "Maker's"). If you haven't, we HIGHly recommend you try. Our personal favourite, Frank's Best (thank us later).

2. Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens

Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens
Courtesy BlogTO

In the mood for a stroll? Visit the Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens to take in the fresh outdoors. Embrace a different kind of greenery as you escape the city streets.

3. The Rolling Pin

The Rolling Pin Donuts
Courtesy The Rolling Pin

Roll with The Rolling Pin. Get your hands on a delicious donut from one of Toronto's best bakeries. Whether you are looking for a special, custom cake or have the munchies for something sweet, this place will definitely not disappoint.

4. PAI Uptown

PAI Uptown
Courtesy Jump Branding and Design

Arguably one of the best Thai restaurants in the GTA, PAI Uptown is a dope spot to eat and chill after a smoke session. Cool and thoughtful decor backed by delicious food definitely gets you a spot on our list.

5. Ledbury Rink

Ledbury Rink
Courtesy City Rinks

We love community togetherness. That's why we love Ledbury Rink, a place that lets you have fun in what feels like your own backyard. Grab a joint and a friend and get your skate on.