Dog Days of Summer

There are 3 things in this world that we can all appreciate: cannabis, community, and dogs.

It's no surprise that we wear our love for the cannabis plant on our sleeve. Cannabis brings people together to share love and laughter, ultimately creating a deep sense of community. You know what else brings people to share love and laughter? Dogs.

In part of our mission to build community, we have decided to combine all 3 of our favourite things for a month-long fundraiser.

For the month of August, One Plant presents to you the Dog Days of Summer fundraiser.

From August 1 - 31, dog-danas and non-infused, cannabis shaped, gourmet dog treats will be available to purchase at any One Plant location.

All proceeds made from the purchase of dog-danas or dog treats will be donated to Precious Paws Rescue.

One Plant is an advocate in supporting the organization’s Loved At Home fund. When a medical emergency arises, financial difficulties can leave families with the difficult decision of either surrendering their pet to a shelter or rescue or choosing euthanasia. Precious Paws understands that emergencies happen and funds are not always readily available. For this reason, when resources allow, Precious Paws will step in and cover medical costs in an effort to keep pets with the families that love them. This also helps to alleviate pressure on shelters and rescues that are already strapped for space. Click here to read more about the Loved At Home fund.

Cannabis. Community. Dogs. It can’t get any better than that.

Be sure to stop by One Plant with your pup in the month of August to pick up goodies for you and your furry friend!