Budtenders Know Best: Staff Recommendations

Budtenders Know Best: Staff Recommendations

At One Plant, we pride ourselves in hiring, training and building the most knowledgeable and friendly staff to assist you during your shopping experience. As a cannabis superstore with over 1000 different products, our staff are more than happy to help you find the right one to suit your consumption needs.

We have so many AMAZING products lined up this March for you to try. With prices so low and a selection so big, where does one even start?

Drum roll pleeeeease... We're introducing you to some of our incredible budtenders. Take a look and see what they're recommending this month!

Erica - One Plant Stouffville

"Exotic Gas is ALWAYS a good hit - never lets me down," Erica tells us.

Name: Erica

Location: One Plant Stouffville

All Time Fave Product: The Loud Plug - Exotic Gas

Go-To Munchies: Sour Patch Kids & grapes - the PERFECT COMBINATION

Best High Activity: Swimming - there is no better feeling than floating in the water while high

Erica's #1 Recommendation This Month: OP - Killa Kush Pre-Rolls. They are always a good hit with high terpenes.  The quality is amazing and is one of the best rolled joints we carry. Killa Kush gives me a great high with a full body relaxation. It's the PERFECT bedtime high to laugh at a good show to and drift to sleep.

Sam - One Plant Ajax Westney Road

Sam is currently smoking Oddball - Dessert - 7g Dried Flower.

Name: Sam

Location: One Plant Ajax Westney Road

All Time Fave Product: Rainbow Driver - Woody Nelson

Go-To Munchies: Birthday Cake Oreos

Best High Activity: Taking care of my plants

Sam's #1 Recommendation This Month: Volo - Mac V2 - 3.5g Dried Flower. This is such a STEAL! Not only are you getting extremely HIGH QUALITY and HIGH THC flower but the price makes it all the more worthwhile.

Cayla - One Plant Georgetown

Cayla is typically a bong smoker but loves the convenience of the vapes!

Name: Cayla

Location: One Plant Georgetown

All Time Fave Product: Cake & Caviar - Cake - 3.5g

Go-To Munchies: Ice cream

Best High Activity: Spending time in nature - specifically by in the sun by the water

Cayla's #1 Recommendation This Month: Tribal Cuban Linx Live Resin - 1g 510 Thread Cartridge. I love the citrusy, natural cannabis flavour I taste smoking this. The cartridge is made very well and never clogs which is AMAZING. I personally find that this gives me a very energetic and focused kind of high, with very little burnout at the end.

Denajah - One Plant Brampton

Denajah enjoys rolling EastCann - Poison OG in a classic blunt.

Name: Denajah

Location: One Plant Brampton

All Time Fave Product: EastCann - Poison OG & Chemdozer - 3.5g

Go-To Munchies: Slurpee & glazed donuts

Best High Activity: Binge watching my fave TV show, Baddies East

Denajah's #1 Recommendation This Month: OP - Power Pack Pre-Rolls. All of my customers know that OP has high quality, high THC pre-rolls but I always recommend this to customers who are like me and can't decide on just one strain. I have to have them ALL!

Andrea - One Plant Georgetown

"10/10 recommend the Monjour CBD Gummies", Andrea claims.

Name: Andrea

Location: One Plant Georgetown

All Time Fave Product: BLK MKT - Bacio Gelato - 3.5g

Go-To Munchies: Sweet Sticky Rice

Best High Activity: Discovering new music or playing with my dogs

Andrea's #1 Recommendation This Month: Monjour - Berry Good Day CBD Gummies. These are some of the BEST TASTING and high quality CBD gummies on the market!! 30mg of CBD too!

The March Big Deals are waiting for you, and so are our budtenders! Shop at a location near you today!